RVUs, Schedule, Compensation

  • RVUs, Schedule, Compensation

    Posted by Amy Forsythe on February 12, 2014 at 5:39 pm

    Hey!  I work in the only children’s hospital in Mississippi and thereby, the only pediatric hematology/oncology service in the state.  We have between 125-175 NPs in the hospital.  The Advanced Practice Provider Council has been attempting to even out compensation and title across the board.  However, it is not working as well as it should.  Some departments come to bat for their NPs to get raises, because they understand the local competition.  There are only 2 Peds H/O NPs here.  Our schedules are different.  One works 32 hours outpatient a week with one weekend a month call.  The other works 40 hours outpatient.  We have the same RVU goal with the same pay and are considered 100% clinical.  We have both been in these positions over 8 years.  I know there are new graduates in other departments doing less work and making higher salaries than we do.  We have a great retirement system and get $1500-$3000 CEU depending on who is talking to who in department administration.  We have no one in the state with who to compare.  If anyone is willing to give me some idea of what their work and compensation entails, I will keep everything anonymous.  I would especially love to hear from those in surrounding states, such as Louisiana, Tennessee and Alabama.  Feel free to email me personally at amyforsythe@bellsouth.net.  TIA!

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