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  • Amy Forsythe

    December 14, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    We do not have any instructions in Beacon regarding type of needles to use.

    Amy Forsythe

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    Does your institution include the following instruction for nurses when administering Cisplatin:

    Avoid use of aluminum containing needles or administration sets…

    THis statement is in the COG administration guidelnes. Our institution is working on nursing notes for Beacon build and have had a lively discussion whether this information should be included. I welcome your comments. Our pharmacy states they do not use aluminum and it is not in our administration sets. I am uncertain how nursing would even obtain the needed information and do not want nurses to spend hunting for information that may not be applicable.

    THank you for your input.

    Katherine Tate, CNS,MSN,RN
    Kaiser Permanente Oakland
    Oakland, CA
    United States