Reply To: Dinutuximab (ch 14.18) in Osteosarcoma pt’s – AOST1421

  • Amy Forsythe

    September 26, 2016 at 2:04 pm
    We’ve recently had an Osteo patient get the drug. He did fine. Same side effects as with Neuroblastoma. He’s already gotten a couple of courses of it. 

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    Would anyone be willing to share their experience with a Osteosarcoma patient receiving Dinutuximab IV over 2 days for recurrent disease in the lungs that has been completely resected for patients that have been enrolled on study AOST1421? Are they tolerating Dinutux over 2 days? Any other issues or side effects seen that wasn’t seen in the Neuroblastoma patients? Would appreciate any input or any helpful tips or suggestions as we get ready to enroll our first Osteo patient to receive this therapy and start in a few weeks. Thanks so much!

    Michele Pope, PPCNP-BC,CPON,MSN
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