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  • Patricia Conlon

    November 2, 2016 at 11:04 am

    Here we have the two roles separated: Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) and Nurse Education Specialist (NES). See below specifically.

    • General mandatories: mandatory education? This is the role of the NES with CNS and Nurse Manager input
    • Inservice sessions: NES
    • Competencies (specialty and non specialty related): NES
    • Policies and procedures (specialty and non specialty related): CNS


    Patricia Conlon, MS, APRN, CNS,

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    Assistant Professor, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine,

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    As i was asked from our administration to look into working a blended role as CNS and at the same time Clincal Educator for pediatric oncology units, i am kindly seeking advice and feedback if you have any experience to share in this regard. In addition to my work as a CNS i am asked to follow up with the nursing team on the following:

    • General mandatories
    • Inservice sessions
    • Competencies (specialty and non specialty related)
    • Policies and procedures (specialty and non specialty related)

    To note that we are JCI accredited and Magnet Hospital and a center of excellence for pediatric oncology.

    Looking forward for your help.

    Rima Saad, BSN,CPHON,MSN
    Clinical Nurse Specialist
    American University of Beirut