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  • Pamela Smith

    February 1, 2020 at 1:49 pm

    I hope you found the answer to this- I am in a similar role- I provide new patient/family education and write a note (Typically inpatient).  It is billed based on time so I put my time in and time out then write a note as to what we covered and what handouts I gave.  The physician who is rounding that day references my education in their note and our biller bills my time in additio to the note from the day.

    Pamela Smith, FNP-C,MSN,RN
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    From: Ashlee Blumhoff
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    ​Just looking for some insight – I will be completed my NP in May ’18 and then joining the heme/onc team I work for currently as their NP. This will be a new role for us, never had a NP with this team. My question is, what are some of the roles you fulfill as an NP where you work? I will be seeing some patients but also providing education to families of new diagnoses, doing some survivorship work, etc. Since this is a new role we will be exploring some options and where I will best fit. Billing wise, what can you all bill for where you are located? Does the education you provide to patients and their families ever billed as a service? Any information you can provide would be great ! Thank you!

    Ashlee Blumhoff, PCNS-BC, MSN, CPHON
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