Reply To: Anti-emetic coverage for longer chemo runs

  • Heather Bell

    February 1, 2020 at 6:28 pm
    We definitely have 5 day regimens that are highly emetogenic and use a 5H3 anatagonist (Palonosetron q48h x 3) with both decadron and aprepitant every day of chemo (5 days). For patients requiring augmented regimens beyond this we will add Olanzapine every day of chemo. 
    Heather Bell, CPNP, CPHON
    Nationwide Children’s Hospital
    Columbus, OH

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    We try that initially then add some Ativan PRN.  If they remain with nausea, we also use scopalomine patch and change every 72 hours.

    Pamela Smith, FNP-C,MSN,RN
    Charleston, WV
    United States