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  • Sameeya Ahmed-Winston

    February 23, 2021 at 12:39 pm

    Hi Breanne,

    At Children’s National in Washington, DC any patient who is being admitted scheduled or unscheduled to the Hemo/Onc/BMT unit gets a COVID test and has to be negative prior to being admitted to that unit. If the patient is in the ER and is a PUI then they will go to a different unit until their COVID results return negative.

    Sameeya Ahmed-Winston, BMTCN,CPHON,CPNP
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    Are your institutions testing sickle cell patients in the ED for COVID? ASH has suggested testing all patients presenting with any complications of sickle cell disease, including pain only.  While it would be interesting to know this, I am more concerned about the patients who get admitted to an immunocompromised floor and do not get tested. At our hospital we have had patients develop fever, then have to get transferred to the flex unit as a PUI (transferred to another inpatient unit when they are tested), then they would have to be tested and come back to the floor if they were negative.


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