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  • Courtney Erickson

    April 1, 2021 at 5:55 pm
    H there! 

    I am the CART RN coordinator for Stanford Children’s Hospital. I am the only one in my role and am dedicated to CAR. I work with commercial and our clinical trials. I do not do any clinic work as the hospital doesn’t “allow” that for their coordinators. I will de-access ports for our kids we see in clinic but that’s about it. I do nursing education for our infusions (along with our NP) and I also do patient/family education. I keep track of all of our referrals but do not do data entry. Our research NP manages all AE’s. Hope that helps! Feel free to call me/email me with any more questions. 

    Courtney Erickson, BSN, RN

    Cancer Cell Therapy Nurse Coordinator 

    Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford
    Bass Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Diseases  

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    Do any of your institutions have a nurse who is dedicated to CAR T and if you do what does their job entail. Is there a research component? clinical component? data entry? Is there a job description or better yet would be personal experience of what their job entails, vision of the role. Thanks.

    Lana Tacey, CPON,RN
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