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  • Katie Newton

    November 4, 2021 at 10:36 pm

    Hello Shannon,

    Our hospital does use an APP-lead chemotherapy service. Patients typically have their counts checked the day before and a nurse calls to tell them they will be admitted. On the day of admission patients come directly to the unit unless they are scheduled to have procedures, in which case they go through the clinic (in these instances the inpatient APP sees them for their clinic visit). We have an oncology attending assigned to the service every week who does morning rounds with the team and then sees the daily admissions at the end of the day. There are two APPs scheduled for 12 hour shifts Monday through Friday and one on Saturday and Sunday. During high census times it can certainly become a busy service! During lower census times the team helps a lot with procedures. It’s been a great model for our institution, and I think the families really appreciate seeing the same team each time they come in! Happy to share any more information that might be helpful!


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    I am curious if other institutions use an NP on the inpatient side to admit and manage chemotherapy patients only? Does this person go to clinic to start the admission process? Do they round separately from the residents with the attending on the chemotherapy patients? What schedule works best for this role? What happens during times of high chemo admissions or low chemo admissions?
    Thank you so much for any insight! I always appreciate the great information I learn from the Aphon discussion boards!


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