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  • Kylan Dhembi

    March 3, 2022 at 2:44 pm

    Hi all 

    The institutions I’ve worked at were able to maintain high certification rates by offering a 5-8% salary increase or bonus upon passing but also made it a requirement for clinical advancement to Clin 3 or 4. These incentives worked well. 

    Best of luck 


    KD, RN
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    From: Andrea Omsberg
    Subject: Certification Incentives

    Hi Elissa,
    My organization has a similar goal of increasing certification. Part of our CN3 ladder, one of the goals for promotion is to become CPHON certified. We offer the ONCC Free Take program. We do a staff celebration when a staff member passes the exam but we do not offer increase in hourly pay or bonus. I am curious what other institutions are doing and if they are maintaining high certification rates.

    Andrea Omsberg MSN, APRN, ACCNS-P, CPHON
    Hematology/Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Rady Children’s Hospital
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    From: Elissa Shulta
    Subject: Certification Incentives

    Hi, All-

    Wondering if other institutions offer incentives for nurses to be certified? One of our organizational goals is to increase our percentage of certified nurses; however, we currently don’t offer any incentives. If you do offer incentives, what are they?

    Thanks in advance!

    Elissa Shulta, DNP,RN,CPHON
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    Milwaukee, WI
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