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  • Patricia Conlon

    March 7, 2022 at 10:57 am

    No but I have been looking into it and we would like to pilot it soon. What is the device you are looking at? There are a few out there.
    It also has uses for pain reduction and enhanced healing of mucositis. St Jude did some research on it.

    Patricia Conlon, APRN, CNS
    Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Mayo Clinic Children’s Center
    Rochester, MN
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    Sent: 03-07-2022 09:05 AM
    From: Christina Matheny
    Subject: Light therapy for prevention of mucositis

    Hi Elisa,
    We don’t use this. Can you elaborate of how it works?

    Christina Matheny, APRN,BMTCN,CPHON,FNP-C
    San Antonio, TX
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    Sent: 03-01-2022 03:32 PM
    From: Elissa Shulta
    Subject: Light therapy for prevention of mucositis

    Hi, All-

    Our organization is looking at purchasing a photobiomodulation (light therapy) machine to use with our patients to prevent mucositis. I’m wondering if any other institutions are currently using light therapy? If so, which product are you using and have you seen a decrease in the incidence of mucositis rates?


    Elissa Shulta, DNP,RN,CPHON
    Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Milwaukee, WI
    United States