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  • Maureen Lynch Baker

    April 26, 2022 at 9:33 am

    Our practice is similar. The APNs can perform LPs, BM without an attending in the procedure room. They are in the infusion clinic which is in the same space as the procedure room, and are available if we need them.


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    From: Jennifer Toth
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    Hi Melissa- 

    I do both inpatient and outpatient, and I am able to perform LPs (+/- IT chemo), bone marrows, and Ommaya taps without an attending present (although one is always available and often is present). Our procedures are almost all done in the sedation suite with a PICU MD and sedation nurse present. Our outpatients need a visit with H&P done prior to sedation, which can either done by me or an attending.

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    From: Melissa Diaz
    Subject: LP/Bone Marrow Privilege’s for APP’s

    Hello to all,

    Question I’ve been asked to investigate from my providers. My current “delineation of privilege’s” from my local healthcare system in FL allows me to perform lumbar punctures, administer intrathecal chemotherapy and perform bone marrow biopsies/aspirates without a heme-onc physician present in the room. My physicians are available on the unit (very small/12 bed outpatient unit), in the event I need back up. So typically, it is the APP, x1 RN and the Pediatric Intensivist administering procedural sedation in the treatment room w/ full monitoring. On rare occasions, we do perform procedures in the inpatient setting as well (24 bed unit).

    Question is:
    1. Do APP’s perform LP’s/bone marrows in your healthcare setting (inpatient and/or outpatient)?
    2. If so, do you perform these procedures independently, without a heme-onc physician in the room?
    3. Is the patient seen by the heme-onc physician prior to or following the procedure? If so, that % are seen prior to the procedure?

    Thank You all for your help!

    Melissa Diaz, APRN-BC, CPHON
    Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital
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    Melissa Diaz, CPHON,FNP,MSN
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