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  • Myra Woolery

    May 24, 2022 at 10:54 am

    At our institution we use 10% in adults and 5% in pediatrics. We rarely have an issue. When this occurs it has often been for several reasons that easily resolved during the independent double check process. Example of reasons for the discrepancy have included because the LIP was not utilizing the current height/weight for the patient, the dose modification information was not entered into the EMR, a medication that has a predetermined rounding embedded into the clinical trial protocol was not initially identified.




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    We use the 10% and don’t do anything for the 5 – 9%.  I hope this helps!


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    From: Stacy Shourt
    Subject: Weight change percentage affecting chemotherapy dose adjustment.

    This is Stacy Shourt from Upstate University Hospital, NY.  What is the consensus percentage threshold for dose adjusting chemotherapy?  I’ve typically seen a 10% difference in dose, caused by a weight change, as the cut off for notifying providers to adjust chemotherapy.  Are there any institutions using a lower number, like 5%, or do most facilities use the 10% cutoff?  And do any provider groups require notification if the difference is between 5-9%.  I hope I’m asking this clearly enough to be answered, thank you.

    Stacy Shourt, CPNP,RN
    Fayetteville, NY
    United States