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  • Debra Southworth

    May 14, 2014 at 11:40 am

    • Patients are required to shower/bathe every 6 hours for 48 hours following the completion of the Thiotepa infusion. No bubble bath or lotions are allowed.
    • The CVL is cleaned once daily with chloroprep are one of the shower/bathes, for remainder of shower/baths CVL is cleaned with 2:1 Hibiclens/H2O2. 
    • The line is dressed with sterile 4X4 and secure with bandnet only.
    • The CVL is placed sometime during the work-up the 2 weeks before admission.
    • Frequent diaper changes.
      Debra Southworth
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      From: Amy Spence
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      What is your practice for skin care for patients receiving HSCT/BMT prep dosing of Thiotepa, specifically:
      *What do you use to bathe?

      *How often are the baths and are they spaced evenly over the 24 hrs (do you allow longer periods during night time)?

      *What is your process for CVL care with the baths?

      *Any additional items done for patients in diapers?

      *In relation to the start of the prep with Thiotepa, when does the patient receive their CVL (immediately before, a week before etc.)?

      Thank you so much! The literature has not turned up much so we are now seeking best practice information.

      Amy Spence
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