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    November 9, 2019 at 7:18 pm


    Do you have any data on titers drawn following vaccines for CAR-T patients? Our policy is that our CAR-T patients will not receive any vaccines as they continue to receive IVIg infusion indefinitely. The post-BMT vaccination guidelines reference not administering vaccines until at least 3 months following IVIg infusions.


    Elizabeth Sheldon, CPHON,CPNP-PC,PCNS
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    From: Jessica Dean Murphy
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    Hi Michelle,
    Although they are not followed by our BMT team, we still use the same guidelines for our CAR-T patients as BMT: No vaccines (besides flu shot) until 6 months post, no live vaccines until 1 year post.

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    From: Michelle Gillard
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    ​Hello from Phoenix,
    Since many of you are now doing CAR-T at your institutions, I’m wondering if you have an SOP or plan for vaccines s/p CAR-T infusion? Are you using the 6 months s/p treatment end (and is that day of infusion) for live vaccines or a more conservative approach as these kids are usually managed by the BMT team?
    If you can, please share:

    1. Timeline to live vaccines:
    2. Timeline to inactive/attenuated vaccines

    Thank you for sharing!

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