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  • Kasey Ragas

    February 19, 2020 at 1:59 pm

    Once the Thiotepa infusion starts, our policy is to bathe the patient with mild soap and water , change bed linens and change CVL dressing a minimum of every 6 hours and up until 24 hours after the last infusion ended. Diapers must be changed every hour and perineum cleansed with each diaper change with baby wipes. Since Thiotepa is excreted from the skin, no pregnant staff should be assigned the patient. Also we are gowned down from head to toe and double gloves with each contact with pt. This is my hospital pediatric unit policy.

    Kasey F. Ragas

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    Hello all,

    We are in the process of reviewing our standard for thiotepa baths. I know there have been several post in the past about practices, but they appear to be quite old at this point. Would anyone mind sharing their standard and any rationale (if available) around the standard on the following topics related to thiotepa?
    1) At what frequency are patients required to bathe?
    2) How long after administration of thiotepa are patients required to bathe? (i.e. 24 vs. 48 hrs)
    3) What do you use to cleanse the skin? (i.e. just water, water + soap, etc.)
    4) What do you use to cleanse the CVL site?
    5) Do you utilize any dressings over the CVL site? If so, what do you use and how often is this changed?

    Thank you in advance!

    Kellie Kirbitz BSN,CPHON,RN
    Grand Rapids MI United States