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  • Kasey Ragas

    February 19, 2020 at 2:01 pm
    Also ,

    We use a standard CVL dressing change kit with chlorhexadine to clean around CVL site and occlusive dressing to CVL site that is part of the dressing change kit. 

    Kasey F. Ragas

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    ​1) At what frequency are patients required to bathe? q6h on standard times
    2) How long after administration of thiotepa are patients required to bathe? (i.e. 24 vs. 48 hrs) 48 hrs post last dose
    3) What do you use to cleanse the skin? (i.e. just water, water + soap, etc.) Cetaphil and water
    4) What do you use to cleanse the CVL site? Hibiclens soap
    5) Do you utilize any dressings over the CVL site? If so, what do you use and how often is this changed? gauze dressing wrapped around their torso changed with every bath

    Jennifer Nordin, RN
    Leawood, KS
    United States