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  • Nicola Jones

    October 2, 2020 at 10:23 am

    We infuse hub to hub for stem cell/bone marrow infusion. We have not yet started CAR infusion but plan to very soon, so I am also interested what other institutions do as well.  Thanks so much!


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    From: Bonnie Yates
    Subject: HSCT and CAR cell infusions

    At my institution we generally give cell therapy products including (BM, PBSC, and CAR T-cells) hub-to-hub to prevent damage to the cells. I was wondering if anyone could comment on whether their institution gives HSCT and CAR cells through a Clave, T-cap, or other blue connector or if your institution removes the cap and infuses cell therapy products hub-to-hub as we do?

    Bonnie Yates, CPNP,MS,RN
    Alexandria, VA
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