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  • Carie Murphy

    December 13, 2021 at 12:01 pm

    Will you please send me your email address or email me so I can send you some info. that may (or may not) be helpful to you.  Thanks!

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    Sent: 12-02-2021 02:53 PM
    From: Elizabeth Sheldon
    Subject: Infusion-related adverse events

    **Updated: answer found, the list that we had on our AE form is from the CIBMTR form F2006, however was revised this year and now only is required for infusion of CBUs. We will be reviewing these changes with our team.

    Good afternoon,

    We are looking at revising our transplant Infusion-related reporting form. We list expected (for example hypertension, hemoglobinuria, temp <103) and unexpected symptoms (for example temp >103, hives, SOB, hypoxia…). Our most common AE is hypertension. We feel that hypertension is likely multifactorial and sometimes we are filling out the form even if they don’t meet the designated parameter (change of +/- 30mmHg) if we intervened and gave a anti-hypertensive medication. The PRN parameters for their anti-hypertensive are based on the 95th percentile for height and weight and not a change from baseline at the start of the infusion.

    After reviewing the NMDP Transplant Center manual, the only information I found is related to reporting serious adverse events. I am writing to see if anyone has a form similar to this and what your sources were for drafting the form?  The only information I have received is that it was drafted in 2005 when FDA GTP became law and NMDP reporting details were used to draft the form.

    Any information you have on the topic would be greatly appreciated!


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