Reply To: Enteral magnesium supplementation- Least GI toxicity?

  • Lucy Maurice

    January 19, 2022 at 9:38 pm

    We use a product manufactured by Biological therapies : magnesium Complex Solution, oral liquid.
    Tolerated very well . Very rare to see GI toxicity. Concentration 1 mmol : 2ml
    We also use Biomag tablets (12.5 mmol per tab). Manufactured by Blackmores This seems to cause diarrhoea is some patients (but not all !),
    This may not be helpful information at all if products are unavailable in the States!

    Lucy Maurice
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    From: Kimberly Taylor
    Subject: Enteral magnesium supplementation- Least GI toxicity?

    We use a specific brand of Mag Oxide called Mg plus protein that has less GI side effects. It works well but doesn’t mix well in water when crushed, so is not great for kids taking meds via NG/GT.

    Kimberly Taylor, CPNP-AC
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    From: Katherine Waters
    Subject: Enteral magnesium supplementation- Least GI toxicity?


    What formulation of enteral magnesium do others find causes the least GI toxicity in patients? We currently use magnesium oxide or magnesium sulfate, and find both contribute to GI distress which complicates our GVHD assessment and tolerability/need for home IVF at time of discharge.

    Does your center have a good experience with magnesium glycinate? If so, are there specific generic or brand name forms you use? Or is there another formulation of magnesium that you find works well?

    Many thanks in advance!

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