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  • Ashley Griffin

    September 8, 2022 at 6:49 pm

    Ashley here from Children’s Hospital of Colorado. We require continuous monitoring during stem cell infusion, with initiation of PCA narcotics and continuous Ketamine infusions, and if ordered specifically because of patient history/condition. During chemo and engraftment we do not continuously monitor, nor are any of the BMT nurses training for tele-monitoring. Hope this helps!

    🙂 Ashley Griffin
    CHCO-CCBD inpatient RN

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    From: Maureen Sanders
    Subject: Monitoring BMT Patients

    Good morning, 
    We are starting a BMT program and would like to know how you are monitoring your patients.
    Do you monitor (telemetry) during cell infusions only or continuously? 
    If continuous do your nurses take a critical care EKG class and what is the expectation of them in regard to reading and interpreting the rhythms?
    Any other monitoring info is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    Maureen Sanders, CPON,RN
    Oviedo, FL
    United States