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  • Deborah Lafond

    February 6, 2014 at 3:53 pm


    We do give sevreral items, depending upon the family’s preferences:

    – memory box
    – hand/foot molds
    – hand/foot prints (we do them of the child and then the child’s hand with anyone that the family would like, i.e. siblings, parents, friends, etc.)
    – photographs
    – The Gift of a Memory – a book for younger siblings about grief and loss.  The staff signs the book and writes a memory of the child and then we include this with our condolance card to the family.

    I have heard of some instituions that give a bracelet or necklace for the mother with the child’s name.  We do not do that here, but I think you can find some online.

    Thanks,  Debbie

    Deborah Lafond
    Children’s National Medical Center
    Saint Leonard, MD
    United States

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    From: Cynthia Meteyer
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    Dear Colleagues in EOL care,

    We are looking to improve the quality of the memory items we give to families upon the impending or actual death of their child.  Would some of you be willing to share what items you give to families either as mementos or grief support resources?  (Memory boxes, photo albums, frames, etc.)  The more specific you can be the better (such as product descriptions or where you order them from), but I would welcome any suggestions.  Thank you! 

    Cynthia Meteyer
    Haslett, MI
    United States