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  • Laura Ramos

    August 4, 2021 at 11:52 am

    Hello Myra,
    I would be very interested in any input from other institutions.  Years ago we did better with our hospice care at my present facility.  Since, these families spend most of their time in a pediatric oncology unit and not the ICU (our choices) they feel more comfortable and supported by staff they have bonded with. Most of them chose to have end of life care on the peds unit.  Usually staffing was 3:1 and as the patient worsened we would go to 2:1 than 1:1.  However, now we have to fight for these ratios that don’t always happen.  The families are offered transfer to ICU but most don’t want to go.  It is a challenge, we have been pushing for end of life care education in the hopes that we can improve our care. Our families deserve better, we want to be the support, not be part of the nightmare.  Good luck.
    Laura B Ramos

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    From: Myra Woolery
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    At our institution we have an adult hospice unit. We are in the process of revising the organization polices and nursing standards and procedures to include pediatrics etc. The plan is for the pediatric patients to remain on the pediatric inpatient nursing unit unless the family wants to go to the hospice unit where the rooms are configured differently. Would anyone be willing to share any policy/procedure//standards that speak to hospice care in the hospital setting and staffing ratio you have for end of life patients.


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