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  • Shannon White

    October 17, 2022 at 12:13 pm

    Hi Rhoda,
    I am sickle cell coordinator for pediatric patients in Washington DC. We have just under 2,000 patients we see with sickle cell in our CCBD. I am one of four coordinators who helps coordinate care for those patients. It is suggested the coordinators have at least 5 years minimum experience. Each coordinator is partnered with 2-3 of our attending physicians/nurse practitioners who see our patients. The RN coordinator preps for their clinics and outlines patient’s needs/proposes plans. We usually are present in clinic with the providers to offer education, vaccinations, and help assist with the flow of clinic. When we are not in clinic we triage sick calls, assist with medication refills being called in, and work on prior authorizations for specialty medications. When we receive a sick call- we triage symptoms, offer advice and reach out to providers if narcotics are needed. If this is a kiddo who is afebrile, no chest pain, and no respiratory symptoms, and in severe pain- we try our best to offer them a pain chair in clinic with a 4 hour slot for pain medication infusion. After 3-4 doses of narcotics if the patient is still in pain we either direct admit or send them to the ED based on bed availability.

    Hope this helps. Happy to chat any time. It takes a village.


    Shannon White, BSN,RN,CPN
    Registered Nurse
    Washington, DC
    United States
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    I am the manager in CCBD outpatient.  We currently have 1 full time dedicated RN Coordinator for the Sickle Cell population.  Most of her time is administrative and she organizes comp clinics which include Pulm, Social Workers etc.  We have around 250 patients with Sickle Cell.  As far as the hand’s on care–our infusion RNs and Clinic RNs do that (IVs, infusions etc).  Our RN coordinator has a “buddy” who manages non malig heme and covers for her when on PTO.  We also have a MA Care Coordinator for all heme patients.

    Dawn Mannon, MSN, RN
    Clinical Manager
    Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders
    Phoenix Children’s Hospital
    Phoenix, AZ

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    From: Rhoda Phillips
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    Good Morning

    Does anyone have a robust sickle cell program with nurses who manage the patients’ care (nurse coordinators or team nursing)?
    I am looking for insight into how the nurses manage patient calls (sick or other), support/resources for your patients, clinic visits with nurses, administrative time, and nurse-to-patient ratios for the sickle cell patient population.
    Any other adhoc knowledge/workflow sharing you would be willing to talk about or share with me.

    thanks in advance,