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  • Patricia Conlon

    November 28, 2014 at 1:48 pm

    The buretrol helps us know what is left to infuse and we recalculate the rate as needed.
    It has been a challenge so we use the buretrol for large volume chemo only for just this reason.

    Patricia Conlon
    Mayo Clinic
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    From: Gwen Faschoway
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    We are giving HD MTX infusions on our in-patient unit and we find that we are having to adjust the rate through out the 23.5 infusion time in order to complete the infusion on time. We initially calculate all the of interruptions to the infusion, such as medications and times to flush pre and post etc and allow a little time for incidentals such as air bubbles. We then recalculate the rate of infusion so techniqually, it should finish on time. We use the Alaris Care Fusion system. I am wanting to know if others have the issue of adjusting rates during the infusion to complete it with in the 24 time period. If so, what are you finding that works to mitigate that issue?

    Thanks for you help.
    Gwen Faschoway
    Surrey, BC