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    Hello All:

    I have 2 new graduate RNs that have to do an EBP project as part of their RN Residency Program.  Could you please answer the following questions?

    Mucositis Questionnaire

    1. Do patients receive a dental consult prior to and during chemotherapy treatment?

    2. Do patients receive regular professional teeth cleaning throughout treatment?

    3. Are patients educated to floss once a day during chemotherapy treatment?

    4. What type of lip moisturizers do you recommend to patients during chemotherapy?

    5. What type of assessment tools and grading scales are used for patients at risk for mucositis?

    6. What rinses do you recommend to patients during chemotherapy?

    7. What kind of education regarding mouth care is provided to patients and families during chemotherapy?


    *When receiving chemotherapy that causes mucositis (ie Methotrexate, Daunorubicin, Doxorubicin, 5FU)

    Kristin Malek and Tory Hendricks

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