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  • Kimberly Duback

    March 14, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    I would be interested in other’s responses to this as well.  We have thick “chemotherapy safe” gloves and it can be challenging to put on 2 pairs of gloves, so the practice is inconsistent.  Our adult oncology teams have said that they have found it easier to apply a smaller sized glove first and then a larger size on top.  This way one of the gloves can be under the cuff and one over the cuff.  We are looking at our chemotherapy administration policy, so I am curious how others respond.

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    Sorry but can anyone respond to this?

    For those who are double gloving, do you apply 2 pairs of Nitrile gloves over each other and do you have any issues with this?

    We are planning on switching to the Halyard (purple) brand since it is the only one which also works for protection against Thiotepa and Carmustine but find it very challenging to apply one pair on top of the other. Staff struggle to place them and can lose dexterity.

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