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  • Mary Lynn Rae

    August 30, 2016 at 11:59 am

    We do not use it for patients that have any sign of skin irritation but especially Grade 3 or 4.  No evidence to support.

    Mary Lynn Rae, CPHON,MSN,RN
    Ann & Robert H Lurie Childrens Hospital of Chicago
    Chicago, IL
    United States
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    Sent: 08-26-2016 08:29 AM
    From: Chris Donaghey
    Subject: CHG bathing and GvH

    Hello all,

    Does your hospital have a policy on the use of CHG wipes on kids experiencing skin GvH (yes/no, staging, etc.)? And if you could share policy or evidence either way, that would be wonderful as we are evaluating ours versus one for an entire academic health center.


    Chris Donaghey, CNS,CPHON,MSN,RN
    Clinical Nurse Specialist – Hematology/Oncology/Stem Cell Transplant
    Indianapolis, IN
    United States