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  • Kylan Dhembi

    February 8, 2019 at 5:35 am

    ​Gauze dressing in my institution was only applied upon insertion of the line, patients would come up from IR with it and we would change it in 48 hrs, at that point we would apply transparent dressing. Now we place transparent dressing when we insert the line. I would speak to the provider/IR physician/PICC nurse to change their practice and apply transparent dressing upon insertion and completely phase out gauze dressing. If patient has allergies/sensitivity to a dressing , I would order IV 3000 dressing.

    Kylan Dhembi, RN
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    Sent: 01-28-2019 03:28 PM
    From: Kimberly Duback
    Subject: dressing change on Impalntable venous access devices

    ​We used to place gauze under the wings several years back but removed the supportive gauze when the Q48 hour recommendation was published (I believe it was through CHA at the time). If for some reason any gauze was used, no matter if it blocked the site or not, we would change in 48 hours.

    Kimberly Duback, MS, APN, PCNS-BC, CPN, CPHON
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    From: Sarah Hakim
    Subject: dressing change on Impalntable venous access devices


    In our institution we change the dressing of the implantable venous access device every 7 days if it is a transparent dressing and every 48 hours if it is a gauze dressing even if the gauze does not obscure the insertion site.

    I have read in the literature that  if the gauze to support the wings of an access needle doesn’t not obscure the insertion site under the transparent dressing we can change it every 7 days.

    Kindly advise what is your practice if you have a gauze dressing not obscuring the insertion site. do you change it every 48 hours or 7 days ?

    Thank you

    Sarah Hakim, MSN
    Clinical Educator