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  • Kylan Dhembi

    February 8, 2019 at 5:47 am

    you monitor hydration status every 4 hrs, and usually with Cisplatin in Pediatrics you follow the COG protocol guidelines and off course the hydration is based on pt’s age and kidney function, Urine Spec Gravity should be checked every 8 hours and have PRN saline boluses 20ml/kg for Spec Gravity above 1010, you and your physician must talk and agree on an order set, a lot of times it’s physician preference and level of comfort whether they want standing orders or not. And yes you do give boluses for negative fluid balances.  Lasix for weight gain over 1 kg. ​

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    From: Adam Funk
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    Good Morning All,

    Our staff is looking at how we perform post Cisplatin monitoring and we interested in how other institutions deal with post hydration and intake/output. Specifically how long and what intervals do you perform output assessments? What urine output do you maintain? Are there standing orders for diuretics and/or bolus fluids if the patient does not maintain a set urine output? Finally, do you monitor intake and output balance and replace negative fluid balances? Many thanks for your time!


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