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  • Kerri Monteiro

    September 19, 2019 at 7:56 pm

    We do our infusions on the oncology ward as 1:1. Staff have education by pharmacy to help support them in what signs and symptoms of a reaction/side effect to look out for and we have an information folder also to refer too. We usually start the infusion in the morning and then have a nurse do a 10-12 hour shift to cover the rest of the infusion which this week has been finishing around 2300.
    At times, staffing can be an issue but as we know in advance when it will occur we can usually plan for this.
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    We currently are caring for these patients in PICU 1:1, however we have had great success with educating our floor oncology nurses and they float over to care for these patients in the PICU. We are hoping to begin administering 1;1 on the floor next year. For us it has become a budget issue related to having 1;1 nursing on the floor.


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    I wanted to do some benchmarking and get a better sense of what other oncology units are doing for Dinutuximab infusions.  Are these infusions typically done in the PICU or on the oncology unit?  If on the oncology unit, are there any specific precautions and/or does your unit have a particular RN to patient radios that you require?


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