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  • Erica Fernandez

    November 13, 2019 at 10:11 pm

    So why would a sterile gauze cause a dressing to be changed twice weekly? We sometimes put a gauze on the wings of our ports so they don’t stick to the dressing and we accidentally remove the needle when changing a dressing if it got soiled before the due date for a port access. But our port access kits come with sterile split gauze, do yalls? We use to put the split gauze on top of biopatch and under wings but we stopped that practice

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    We have an issue with gauze being placed over newly placed ports which then necessitates a twice weekly dressing change (per policy). This is very traumatic for our patients to have to have that extra dressing change, so we have pleaded with the surgeons to only put a Bio-patch, Steri-strips and clear occlusive on new ports. We are fine if they put gauze/telfa on the incision site. We leave that alone.



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    Hi all,

    We’ve had practice questions come up recently relating to newly placed ports. Our kids come up accessed with an occlusive dressing, and there has been issues in the past with the skin glue on the surgical incision adhering to the dressing so that when removed, the incision may open.

    Our providers have taken to being proactive and placing sterile gauze over the site, causing confusion about whether to change it every 48 hours per policy (gauze under a dressing) vs. allowing it to stay.

    My questions to all of you:

    1) How are your newly placed and accessed ports dressed? Do providers placed gauze or any preventive agent under the dressing?

    2) Does your hospital have specific dispensations for gauze under a dressing that is not specifically for moisture or drainage management?

    Thank you in advance for the responses!

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