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  • Nelia Camarao

    November 14, 2019 at 12:35 am
    If the gauze is used to support the wings of the port and does not obscure the insertion site, it is not considered a gauze dressing. Changing gauze dressing every 48 hours is per INS Standard. Aside from the fact that gauze dressing can be a breeding ground for bacteria and it’s best practice to assess the skin under the dressing.

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    So why would a sterile gauze cause a dressing to be changed twice weekly? We sometimes put a gauze on the wings of our ports so they don’t stick to the dressing and we accidentally remove the needle when changing a dressing if it got soiled before the due date for a port access. But our port access kits come with sterile split gauze, do yalls? We use to put the split gauze on top of biopatch and under wings but we stopped that practice

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