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  • Katherine Dodge

    November 18, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    Hi Sarah,

    At our facility the RNs administer the TPA. We also have the rule that the nurse who administers it also aspirates it, this helps prevent any errors where TPA could be left in the line. To help facilitate this, we have a sticker that we place on the line to indicate that there is TPA present and no one else should touch the line if they weren’t the ones to place the TPA.

    Hope this helps.

    Katherine Dodge, RN
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    Sent: 10-31-2019 01:46 AM
    From: Sarah Hakim
    Subject: TPA administration by nurse or physician


    it is highly appreciated if you can help with below inquiries:

    1- who administer TPA in case of an occluded line : the doctor or a the nurse?
     In our setting, the MD administers the TPA dose and the nurse aspirate it.

    please advise if the nurse administers the dose.

    2- what is the priming volume of an implanted port chamber.
    does the priming volume affects the amount of thrombolytic agent (TPA)  to be given in case of an occluded line?

    Thank you in advance

    Sarah Hakim, MSN,RN
    Clinical Educator