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  • Vanessa Bertini

    July 27, 2020 at 9:49 am

    Our policy is 15 minutes or less, as that is the definition of an IV push med and the free flow method is basically that.

    Vanessa Bertini MSN RN CPN CPON


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    From: Mary Lynn Rae
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    Our policy is 15 minutes or less

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    From: Loucine Kaplanian
    Subject: Vesicant drug administration

    Dear members,

    We are reviewing our chemotherapy/hazardous drug policy. With regards to vesicant drug administration, the infusion therapy standards of practice recommend peripherally infused vesicants to be administered free-flowing, up to a maximum of 60 minutes. In addition, they recommend that nurses “remain with the patient for the entire infusion”. The latter part is a little time-inefficient, since we cannot afford for the bedside RN to remain up to a whole hour with the patient (i’m thinking of our infusion unit staffing!).

    Does anyone have any practices they can share, and any literature to support?

    Loucine Kaplanian, RN