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  • Vanessa Bertini

    July 27, 2020 at 9:52 am

    Our policy is also 15 minutes or less, as that is the definition of an IV Push med, and free flow is basically that.

    Vanessa Bertini

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    From: Mary Lynn Rae
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    Our policy is 15 minutes or less

    Mary Lynn
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    From: Loucine Kaplanian
    Subject: Vesicant drug administration

    Dear members,

    We are reviewing our chemotherapy/hazardous drug policy. With regards to vesicant drug administration, the infusion therapy standards of practice recommend peripherally infused vesicants to be administered free-flowing, up to a maximum of 60 minutes. In addition, they recommend that nurses “remain with the patient for the entire infusion”. The latter part is a little time-inefficient, since we cannot afford for the bedside RN to remain up to a whole hour with the patient (i’m thinking of our infusion unit staffing!).

    Does anyone have any practices they can share, and any literature to support?

    Loucine Kaplanian, RN