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  • Melodi Thompson

    October 25, 2020 at 3:51 am

    Hello! When we first started infusion Blin, we had the same problem. We ran NS @ 5 ml/hr concurrently with it while they were inpatient. ​

    Melodi Thompson, RN
    Fort Worth, TX
    United States
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    Sent: 10-22-2020 02:32 AM
    From: Makenzie Lewis
    Subject: Blinatumomab

    hello everyone!

    We recently had a patient who came in for Blinatumomab infusion. Blood started backing up into the line about 4 hours into the infusion. We looked over the COG FAQs for this, however it didn’t give specifics as to how to clear the line.

    Do any institutions out there have a solution? We couldn’t flush the line because patient was already showing signs of Cytokine Release Syndrome.  We’ve only done 2 Blinatumomabs in the past 3 years here so have very little experience to go off of.


    Makenzie Lewis, RN
    Durham, NC
    United States