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  • Vanessa Bertini

    January 31, 2021 at 9:14 pm
    We use the AMT

    nasal bridle with good results. 
    Vanessa Bertini
    CHKD, Norfolk VA

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    From: Chris Donaghey
    Subject: RE: Securement of NG/NJ Tubes

    There aren’t perfect answers, of course, but we try a few. Silicone tape can work well if the patient isn’t too rambunctious. If it’s an option to use a nasal bridle, that will save their face. I’ve also seen and used hydrocolloids as a barrier with Tegaderm over that if it will be needed for some time… just need to ensure the hydrocolloid isn’t prematurely removed or matters get worse.

     Take the duration of tube need, how often it may need replaced, skin health, all of that into consideration.

     And with any adhesive, a skin barrier prep (spray, swab, film, whatever suits the situation).

    Chris Donaghey, MSN, RN, PCNS-BC, CPN, CPHON
    Clinical Nurse Specialist – Center for Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders
    Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health
    Indianapolis, IN
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    From: Sara Ford
    Subject: Securement of NG/NJ Tubes

    Hi everyone, I am reaching out to this group to find out what other hospitals use in their pediatric patients to secure the NG/NJ tubes to their faces. Is there any pediatric friendly securement practices that you could recommend? Also most importantly they need to be skin safe.

    Sara Ford, BSN,RN,CPN,CPHON
    St Jude Childrens Research Hospital
    Memphis, TN

    Sara Ford, RN
    Clarendon, AR
    United States