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  • Cara Johnson

    June 1, 2021 at 6:11 pm

    Anywhere they will keep  in on. Wrist or ankle and pass on in report and document location. If they physically or behaviorally cannot we do a Photo ID for them which is a sign above the head of bed, Above the nurse server, and in the front of the chart. Picture of the patient along with all the ID band information.

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    Sent: 04-21-2021 02:59 AM
    From: Noha Rachwan
    Subject: Identification bracelet

    I would like to know where do you place the ID wrist band for the pediatric oncology patients. It needs to be placed on the wrist as per policy but sometimes they are removing it. How do you manage such cases. Where do you put their identification bracelet for safe and proper patient identification.

    Thank you.

    Noha Rachwan, MS,BSN
    Registered Nurse
    Mount of Lebanon