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  • Deborah Zapata

    July 15, 2021 at 9:51 pm


    My name is Deb Zapata and I am one of the Clinical Care Leaders at CHKD in Norfolk, Virginia. We (the chemo certified nurses) circle prime all of our chemo and run them as primary infusions. We do co-infuse bicarb fluids with High dose Methotrexate per the patient’s protocol and co-infuse Normal Saline with Pegaspariginase (both on separate primary tubing) because we have found that doing so has helped minimize reactions.

    Deborah Zapata, RN
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    From: Sarah Eidt
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    Hello all!
    I have recently transitioned to a new hospital that uses SECONDARY INFUSION (on normal saline line) to hang chemotherapy. My institution administered as a primary infusion only, with some chemotherapies primed by pharmacy (24 hr infusions and high reactive meds). What are some other methods being utilized? From my understanding the chemotherapy should be in primary tubing directly to the patient. If there are any other institutions utilize secondary infusions and have issues please let me know. I am looking into literature to support EBP change.

    Thank you

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