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  • Julie Casey

    August 17, 2021 at 11:23 am

    Hi, we are an all heme/onc/BMT unit with one positive pressure room. Every patient who is admitted to our unit has to have a covid test first. If they have symptoms we do a rapid test and wait for the results before they are admitted. If they are positive they are admitted to our positive pressure room. Of course they are in isolation and all who enter the room use appropriate PPE. Staff caring for the positive patient are also assigned to other heme/onc/BMT patients just as usual. Our infectious disease team has informed us that if we are using PPE appropriately there is no greater risk to the other patients. If we are admitting a patient with no symptoms we do a regular test which takes 2-3 days to come back. They are not placed in isolation while we are waiting for the result. So, if an onc patient is being admitted for fever and neutropenia then we would treat them as someone with a symptom, fever. We only have private rooms. 
    If our positive pressure room is already full then the patient is admitted to a positive pressure room on another peds unit, including PICU-wherever we can find an empty one. Luckily, we have really not had much covid in our peds heme onc population. I hope this helps!

    Julie Casey, RN,CPHON
    [Doernbecher Children’s Hospital]
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    I work on a Pediatric Acute Care Pediatric unit with a mix of Pediatric Oncology, Ortho, General Peds Medical-Surgical patients. Early in the pandemic, we refrained from admitting Covid positive patients to our unit but with this new surge, we have had to occasionally admit Covid positive patients. As the surge continues, we are under the impression that this will be more common but are concerned for our immunocompromised oncology patients. How are other Peds Oncology units handling these admissions or are they sent to another unit? What is your protocol? thank you