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  • Janet DeJean

    August 20, 2021 at 10:01 pm

    We stress to our nurses & assistants that they are not to touch the patient without an armband, but we do still have challenges of keeping them on.  We don’t see it in a specific subset of patients (younger vs older), just random patients.   We do leadership rounds on all new admits and that is something we talk about and also when I do central line rounds I look for armbands.  If they are having skin issues (BMT patients, chemo rashes, etc), we might find them attached to the IV tubing if it is attached to the patient (not preferred).  They are used for scanning all of our medications and blood, so they need to be easily accessible for the night shift, because parents get very upset if they have to unwrap their kids from the blankets to scan the armband. I can’t wait to hear what other use, because I would love to alleviate this stressor from our patients and nurses!!


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    Sent: 8/17/2021 11:27:00 AM
    From: Julie Casey
    Subject: RE: Identification bracelet

    Hi, we have a good solution to this. If they will not wear the bracelet we cut the ID band so just the name and bar code are left and attach it to the central line dressing with a tegaderm. It’s easy to assess and scan when checking the dressing, and it doesn’t bother the child at all!

    Julie Casey, RN,CPHON
    [Doernbecher Children’s Hospital]
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    United States
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    Sent: 04-21-2021 02:59 AM
    From: Noha Rachwan
    Subject: Identification bracelet

    I would like to know where do you place the ID wrist band for the pediatric oncology patients. It needs to be placed on the wrist as per policy but sometimes they are removing it. How do you manage such cases. Where do you put their identification bracelet for safe and proper patient identification.

    Thank you.

    Noha Rachwan, MS,BSN
    Registered Nurse
    Mount of Lebanon