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  • Kim Ross Webb

    October 28, 2021 at 11:34 pm
    In our inpatient setting we infuse everything through the pump. We check blood return prior. VCR is mixed in 25 ml. We infuse over 5 min as a secondary. Rate determined by VCR volume+25 ml NS+20cc NS flush to infuse over 5 minutes. We infuse all our chemo this way. If the medication comes in a syringe- doxo we don’t dilute- we run it in syringe tubing that is 0.4 ml volume and infuse over 5 min or whatever the time is supposed to be. Zinecard we infuse at 999ml/hr to infuse it between 10-15 min.


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    From: Angela Everson
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    In our outpatient clinic and infusion center we are giving mini bag vesticants via gravity. When these patients are inpatient, the nurses are running vesicants over a pump. Does anybody have a standard for giving vesicants via a central line in their inpatient or outpatient setting? I know peripheral infusion is gravity but it’s not real clear for CVA.

    Also, with higher volume mini bags greater than 50 ml how does your institution infuse vesicants within 15 minutes.

    Example: Vincristine 25 ml, Dexrazoxane and Doxorubucin 50 ml.
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