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  • Angela McCarter

    November 1, 2021 at 5:33 pm

    Good afternoon ! Can anyone send me any information they may have about a self care team for the staff currently? Thank you so much ! Beth McCarter RN, CSL Childrens at Erlanger. Chattanooga TN.

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    From: Anne Marie Sterk
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    Good Morning


    Below please fins the portion of our SOP that applies to Vincristine.  Please not the SOP applies to CHEMO given inpatient and outpatient  no change in practice.


    Vincristine  Administration

    IV: Give via 25 mL mini bag by gravity over 5-10 minutes.

    • Central line is preferred; to be administered on an infusion pump

    • If giving through a peripheral IV, must be approved by treating MD and discussed with chemo pharmacy. It must be infused to gravity. Do not use pump to administer. Remain with the patient throughout the infusion.


    Anne Marie Sterk, RN, BBA, MSN,CPON

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    From: Angela Everson
    Subject: Vesicants

    In our outpatient clinic and infusion center we are giving mini bag vesticants via gravity. When these patients are inpatient, the nurses are running vesicants over a pump. Does anybody have a standard for giving vesicants via a central line in their inpatient or outpatient setting? I know peripheral infusion is gravity but it’s not real clear for CVA.

    Also, with higher volume mini bags greater than 50 ml how does your institution infuse vesicants within 15 minutes.

    Example: Vincristine 25 ml, Dexrazoxane and Doxorubucin 50 ml.
    Angela M. Everson RN
    Pediatric infusion/Hem/Onc
    Gundersen Health System

    Angela Everson, RN
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