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  • Anne Marie Sterk

    January 27, 2022 at 1:38 pm

    Hi Carrie


       I am at Montefiore in the Bronx, ee are a mixed unit but primarily Heme/Onc and BMT.  We do not have any covid patients on the floor.  They will go to another Pediatric floor either our 6th or 8th floor which does have other covid patients.  We keep this unit as clean as we possibly can.  BUT we do swap nurses so the patient is cared for by a Heme/Onc RN.  It seems to have worked Staff and families are happier.


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    From: Rosalie Hudon
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    Hi Carie!
    I did present a summary to our Infection Control team last week. It is a comparison of all the nurses who shared here on the blog about the care of COVID + patients in hem/onc. I did translate it very quickly this morning for everyone to use because I do practice in a French based hospital 😉
    Hope it finds you well!

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    Just trying to get a general idea as to how many of the Peds Hem/Onc/BMTU units out there care for covid + patients on your unit.  Our unit is a 24 bed unit with 2 reverse isolation rooms.  Currently, we can take up to 2 covid + hem/onc patients on our unit if needed.  Our whole floor is hepa filtered, otherwise, so we do try to not put any severely immune compromised patients near the reverse isolation rooms, and we do not have any BMTU patients near those rooms either.  I am wondering how many other facilities out there accept covid + patients on their hem/onc units.  Thank you in advance for anyone willing to share.

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