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  • Carie Murphy

    February 21, 2022 at 9:15 am

    We do not change with TPN/IL or with tubing changes, but we do with all the other scenarios that you stated.  Our facility has taken the position that based on the evidence, you have an increased risk for a positive CVL infection the more you go into the line.  There may be new evidence out there that we may not be aware of, and, if so, could you point me to that newer evidence?  Good questions, though.  I am interested to see what others are doing, too.


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    We are currently reevaluating our central line policy and discussing the frequency of cap changes.  Currently we are changing them prior to blood cultures, q24 hr with TPN/lipids, if blood/debris is noted and q96 hrs with tubing changes.  We are also changing them with each routine dressing change. I’m am curious to know what everyone’s current practice is for cap changes.  Are you all also changing them with dressing changes even if the lines are heparin locked/not being used?  My concern is specifically the neutropenic population if we transition to not changing them unless under these scenarios. Are any of you not changing them and, if so, have you seen any adverse changes?

    Thank you for your input!

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