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  • Patricia Amado

    March 11, 2022 at 10:43 am


    We actually reviewed our practices around this several years ago and completed retrospective chart reviews and did find that there were significant delays in blood product and electrolyte replacements due to the timing of labs and when replacements were actually given. We transitioned to a 0000-0200 time frame which has significantly helped and most replacements are at least started during the night shift. We also implemented parameter orders that allow the nurses to order and/ administer replacements with standing orders rather than waiting for provider review of labs, order entry, etc… and this too has helped with the timeliness of replacements.  

    Patricia Amado, MSN,RN,CNL
    Nurse Manager
    MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital
    Houston, TX
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    Sent: 03-11-2022 07:16 AM
    From: Erin Rentch
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    We are looking to change our policy regarding timing of lab draws for our patients. Currently, we draw labs between 0400-0600. This means that corrections are all made on day shift. We are considering changing the lab draw time to 2200-0000, so that corrections can take place overnight. Just curious what other institutions are doing in regard to this practice? What are the pros/cons of each option? ((i.e. procedure timing, premedications while asleep, etc.)

    Please let us know what hospital you work at as well if you can!
    Thank you!

    Erin Rentch, MSN, RN, CPHON, BMT-CN
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