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  • Patricia Conlon

    May 30, 2022 at 1:39 pm


    We address it at hiring and during orientation. It is a huge focus for us on an ongoing basis. It is usually a lack of appreciation of the bigger picture and in general, counseling is just needed. One analogy we use is: if it cannot go in the plan of care for the patient, it should cause a pause to occur



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    From: Elissa Shulta
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    Hi, All-

    We are currently reviewing our professional boundaries policy and are interested in the wording that other institutions use in their professional boundaries. Would anyone be willing to share their institution’s policy on professional boundaries?

    For those who do have a policy in place, do you have a step-wise approach for interventions when a staff member does cross that boundary? Do they receive counseling, corrective action, etc.? How is the situation approached by the leader?


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