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  • Mary Lynn Rae

    October 6, 2022 at 9:35 am



    If the line becomes disconnected and there is chemo infusing but the CSTD just became disconnected from the central line cap, since CSTDs are “closed” we just wipe it down several times and reconnect


    If there was a true break, i.e. cap comes off or CSTD comes off the tubing we start with a whole new set; if chemo pharmacy is here and it is chemo infusing they usually just make us a new bag; if overnight becomes more tricky as our pharmacy does not make chemo overnight



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    Good morning
    Does anyone have a guideline that helps staff determine waht a line break is, and what they should do if it happens? Do you consider any unintental disconnect of chemo tubing to be a line break, regardless of where the break happens, length of time, etc.? If you have a line break do you automatically change all the tubing and bags, including getting new bags of chemo, or do you clean the end of the tubing and reconnect it?
    Any information you can share would be so helpful!
    Thank you in advance

    Brandi O’Dell, MSN,RN,CPN
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