Reply To: What PAC needles do you use on your unit?

  • Rachel Hernandez

    January 12, 2023 at 3:18 pm

      Interesting…. We use these same needles and have has breaks at the needle and line.  When we have reported it to BARD they claim that we are having isolated incidents not seen at other facilities. Ours tend to crack at the top of the plastic or at the insertion of the tube into the needle casing. We have used this style for years and always liked them.  The breaks have been a more recent problem.  Following to see what others think.
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    Rachel Hernandez, BSN, CPON, RN
    Charge Nurse
    Valley Children’s Hospital
    Madera, CA
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    Sent: 10-26-2022 12:28 PM
    From: Ally Leary
    Subject: What PAC needles do you use on your unit?

    On our inpatient pedi unit we are stopping use of Bard Powerloc max style PAC needles due to multiple spontaneous breaks in the tubing. What style PAC needles do your inpatient peds units use (brand, make and model)?

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    Ally Leary, BSN, RN, CPN
    Eastern Maine Medical Center
    Inpatient Pediatrics
    Bangor, ME